Adult/Mommy Class Information
Dance classes are great for the little ones, but what about us adults??

Allie has always had a love of teaching children how to dance, but a main reason she opened her studio was because she was tired of traveling all the way to NYC just to take dance class! 

Take a look under "Class Information" for a complete list of all the Adult classes we offer!


1) I have never taken a dance class or I have a LONNNGG time ago, is this okay?

Of course!! ALL levels are welcomed in each class!

2) How do I sign up for a class or reserve a spot?

This is very important. Allie will always hold class for 1 or more, but you must sign up at least 24 hours in advance via EMAIL or TEXT.


Text: 845-729-7839

If Allie doesn't think anyone is coming, she will leave the studio and would feel horrible if you came all the way there to a dark building. Also, please remember: 24 hours in advance so Allie can also plan her schedule for the day/night.

3) I want to take your "Mommy Friendly" class in the morning, but I don't have any children. Can I still attend?

100%! As a new Mommy I understand how hard it is to take a class/workout with a little one. As long as you don't mind the littles playing with toys on the mats on the side of the dance floor of COURSE you are welcomed!

4) Do classes expire if I buy a package?

Never. If you buy a package of classes, your classes are entered into the database so you can come/go as you please! You may also take ANY form of dance on the schedule.

Any other questions, please feel free to reach out!