Please don't hesitate to ask if you ever have any questions! 


1. My child missed a day of dance, now what??

Not to worry, it is bound to happen! Look on our schedule and see if there is another age appropriate class that will work for you. It doesn't have to be the same style of dance your child is taking. Contact Allie and tell her when you are planning on coming and that's it! We also do have designated "Makeup Days" towards the end of the year. Attendance is taken every class and a record of how many absences are kept. Please do try to keep absences to a minimum to ensure your dancer is receiving the proper dance education, especially closer to recital time! Tuition is not pro-rated because of lack of attendance.

2. I want my child to participate in the show, but I do not want a crazy "Dance Moms" experience!

Ask any one of our returning parents, Allie's recital is stress and drama free for sure! She explains everything to you in forms of emails, notices and in person talks at the end of class. She gives more than enough time to get proper forms, deposits and orders in. For the most part, she allows most classes to chose their own hair style and makeup preference for the show; she just requires appropriate shoes and costume. Recitals should be a fun time to see how your dancer has progressed, not a stressful time at all!

3. My child wants me to come see her dance, can parents watch?

Miss Allie believes in parents should have the ability to sit and watch their child at any given time throughout the year, so welcome inside the studio. We also have special Open House weeks where family and friends are invited to observe the classes as well.

4. Do you sell dance wear?

Allie is no longer ordering shoes/attire but we do still have some. We also have our customized dance wear, bags, Dance Mom gear and more at:


5. Okay, we registered; we bought the tutu and now my child keeps crying every time I bring her to class. HELP!

Please do not worry, this happens more times than you make think!

For the younger dancers: They are young; they are in a new space, with new people, with a lot to take in. For some it DOES take a few weeks to warm up! Allie had a student in the past take 2 months to even ENTER the dance room, and now she cries when it is time to go home. Sometimes Allie encourages parents to leave the lobby to take a stroll around the shops of Nyack or perhaps to the Library next door to have all the focus on her. Will they cry? Maybe. Will they be okay? Yes, I promise! For the older kids, again it is a new journey they are about to take, and it may be out of their comfort zone. It may take a few weeks to warm up, especially if they are new to dance!